Your School Values

ARTBASH School Values takes your schools’ values and turns them into a bespoke piece of permanent art.

Through a series of workshops with the whole school or a specific year group, we work with the core values of the school to create beautiful installations that are, ultimately, informed by the people that matter – the children at your school.

Art making has a continuously positive impact on the lives of children so encouraging them to simultaneously engage with their school’s values as well as engage with their own creativity always has the most wonderful, lasting effects.

Please contact us to discuss in more detail. 

“Working with ARTBASH inspired us to open possibilities in our thinking through arts and creativities. It symbolised the vision of the school through careful discussion between artists and children. Linda and her team understood the cultural context of the school quickly and gave the children the tools to respond to the stimuli presented.”

James Biddulph

Head Teacher, University of Cambridge Primary School