In June 2018, UCPS welcomed us in to their glorious school to work with the entire school to create a large scale, 3D VALUES Wall that spanned around their lunch hall.

VALUES are of the utmost importance to UCPS with each year group being associated with an inspirational word like COURAGE or Trust. The school wanted us to incorporate those values as well as the elements of nature found on the site before the school was built to create their bespoke VALUES WALL.

UCPS is a school filled with creativity so it wasn’t hard for us to encourage some passionate and eloquent discussion around their VALUES and inspirational words and use these as part of the final installation.

Each year group made a different piece of art ranging from pattern and mark-making, collage and acetate art layering images over paint and pen. The starting point with each year group was their word and we used that to create workshops that facilitated meaningful discussion while simultaneously enabling the children to make some truly stunning artwork.

All of the children’s’ work was photographed and used to inform the final design and installation.

“Working with ARTBASH inspired us to open possibilities in our thinking through arts and creativities. It symbolised the vision of the school through careful discussion between artists and children. Linda and her team understood the cultural context of the school quickly and gave the children the tools to respond to the stimuli presented.”

James Biddulph

Head Teacher, University of Cambridge Primary School