In November and December 2017, St Andrew’s Southgate Primary Scholl (CE) welcomed us into their community to help them create a VALUE’S Wall in their sport’s hall.

Working with each year group, art workshops were focused on the individuality of each child. Children were asked to bring in photos and objects, that they felt represented them, in advance. 

Each child got to create their own life sized drawing of themselves which they, in turn, filled with colour, abstract pattern and the images they brought in.

The large scale art making, coupled with mini word workshops built around the school’s values, helped to inform the poems interspersed throughout the installation.

The final installation represents each child through their own art work photographed, cut on perspex and printed on vinyl. The results speak for themselves – an epic 3D piece of work encompassing all the school holds dear.

“Thank you so much for coming in! You have made an amazing impression on the children and they have really enjoyed the workshops.”

Galatia Demetriou

Teacher and Art Coordinator at St Andrew's Southgate Primary School (CE)

” I enjoyed working collaboratively with my friends. We were able to share ideas that way and make it meaningful.”

Olivia Yr 4