Globe View

Globe View Walkway

We were delighted to receive funding from The City of London’s Community Infrastructure Levy Neighbourhood Fund.

Architects (Rivington Street Studio) were responsible for the redesign and restoration of the abandoned walkway next to Queenhithe’s historical docks.

With the walkway now beautifully transformed, through our creative workshops, we have collaborated with the local community celebrating Globe Views past, present and future. The artwork and poems created have informed our six-panel designs. The aim is for these designs to be printed onto large metal panels using enamelled decals. 

Installation and opening are planned for later in the year after full design approval from residents, ward members and the City Arts Initiative.

The Process:

We worked with three community groups where we focused on:

  • Iconic architecture and views
  • Patterns seen around the area
  • Wildlife specific to the area
  • History of the area

We were keen to ensure that each panel’s view was showcased visually on the panel as well as in each of the accompanying stanzas of the poem. We also wanted to ensure that each stanza could be read as a full poem or would make sense as an isolated stanza.

Our starting point was the views, both clear and obscured, from Globe View. The buildings seen from the walkway presented us with a central point that was already filled with layers of colour and history.

During our discussions with ward members, freeholders and participants, the mention of wildlife, specific to The Thames, was talked about a lot.

The wildlife theme also complimented our vision of the ebb and flow of change and history as well as the beautiful certainty that is the stunning architecture that sits along the Thames and can be seen from Globe View.

Our research into the wildlife around the Thames found that the Thames is used as a nursery habitat and a pathway between freshwater and the open sea which means, it is vital to the success of UK fish, sea life and their conservation.

In our word workshop with St James Garlickhythe, one of the congregation members coined the phrase, Thames Made Modern, and that became a central theme for the poem. It also captured the essence of the area – ever changing; ever present, filled with history, iconic views, and an abundance of significant wildlife.

Once we had photographed all the work, we started putting together the poem and when we had a first draft, we were able to construct a design for each panel gathering up a combination of the wonderful varied and layered architecture, textures, and wildlife.

Regarding the poem, we will use the Dove Type Font – a lost type font that was thrown into the Thames by Thomas James Cobden-Sanderson and has been unearthed and released as a digital facsimile by London-based designer, Robert Green.

The workshops that informed the design:

We worked with:

  • St James Garlickythe
  • Haggerston Community School
  • The Aldgate School

With each group, we ran three different workshops to:

  • enable and encourage participants to respond to a specific brief.
  • create opportunities for participants to tell their stories, experiences, and memories of the area.

Aldgate Primary School, Year 6s:

Workshop 1: Mudlarking – the aim was to get children to interact and physically experience materials that set a clear historical narrative and provided wonderful context.

Workshop 2: Repeat pattern making using our mudlarking finds as inspiration to explore the natural textures, weathered colours and patinas on our photographs of our found objects.

Workshop 3: Poly prints of different wildlife found in and around The Thames.

Haggerston Community School, Year 9s:

Workshop 1: Architectural and historical discussion facilitated by Rivington Street Studio architect, Steve Fitzwilliam, at Globe View. Participants than concentrated on drawing some of the iconic skyline views seen from Globe View in situ.

Workshop 2: Continued working with iconic skyline images using acetate, colour and collage to produce a colourful and graphic series of artwork.

Workshop 3: Continuing with our theme of iconic skylines, seen from Globe View, we used graphite paper and poly-printing to create some stunning and colourful prints.

St James Garlickhythe:

Workshop 1: The congregation were invited to a morning of mudlarking where we explored the social history of the area. Thames Explorer Trust facilitated an informative and inspiring session.

Workshop 2: We started exploring wildlife in the Thames and creating layered drawings with some collage. Collaged paper was from workshops with The Aldgate School.

Workshop 3: Word and poetry workshop where congregation members responded to a poem written by Wordsworth to create their own written response to The Thames and the immediate area around Queenhythe and The City at large.

The Poem

Thames made modern


Mighty heart, mighty London
From Traitor’s Gate to tourist boats
To the might of Sir Christopher Wren
Always there. Always changing

Bridges of old to the Millennium new
Glorious views from Globe View
Blues, greens and aquamarines and a dome of portland pink
Pigeons strutting their stuff
While rats squeeze through the rough
The ebb, the flow, the perpetual flux
Thames made modern

Mighty heart, mighty London
Power station becomes art
Innovation and dialogue translate
At the hands of Sir Henry Tate
Glorious views from Globe View
Blues, greens, aquamarines and an ode to orange
Porpoise’s ultrasonic click
Whales with a continuous flick
The ebb, the flow, the perpetual flux
Thames made modern

 Mighty heart, mighty London
History rests its head
Wandering the worshipful companies’ medieval guilds
To Salvation Army’s charitable aims fulfilled
Vintners, Painter Stainers’ galore
And St James Garlickhythe’s ancient lore
Glorious views from Globe View
Blues, greens, aquamarines and a yearning yellow
As seals propel themselves from side to side
Swans glide majestically
As seagulls with wings flapping and wild
Look on at the geese, in their large flocks, powerful and riled
The ebb, the flow, the perpetual flux
Thames made modern

Mighty heart, mighty London
Built and rebuilt
Reaching perfection
Blackfriars Bridge’s iron arches
Traversing the Thames in spectacular fashion
Nodding to The Globe’s dramatic enactments
Glorious views from Globe View
Blues, greens, aquamarines and a wordy white
Salmon rushing upward
Seahorses moving vertically
The ebb, the flow, the perpetual flux
Thames made modern

Mighty heart, mighty London
Striking and stately
Surveying its post from up tall
Poking its head above all
The Shard nods to tall ships of long ago
With the furriers, skinners and frost fair’s echo
Glorious views from Globe View
Blues, greens, aquamarines and a peremptory purple
Starry Smooth-Hound Sharks with their bright spots
Welcome smelt that look like small silvery dots
The ebb, the flow, the perpetual flux
Thames made modern

Mighty heart, mighty London
Spanning. Timeless
Ethelred’s Hythe to Queenhithe
Welcoming Charles II’s landing
Southwark Bridge in steel stealing Dicken’s heart
Riverside House looking buoyant
Glorious views from Globe View
Blues, greens, aquamarines and a glimpse of grey
European eels swarming and waving
With shoals of bream chasing and biting
The ebb, the flow, the perpetual flux
Thames made modern


The designs