Creative intelligence is vital to all learning


We work with schools to plan out large-scale art pieces that are informed by pupils. ARTBASH Schools takes art directly into schools creating bespoke, permanent projects that are linked to the curriculum. Our projects bring topics to life and help pupils engage in an active, more holistic level. Regular art-making fosters an important sense of wellbeing and establishes opportunities to nurture mental health. Through art workshops, children get to use fantastic art materials and connect with art-making on a deeper level.

Our focus is multi-layered.

We can:

  • Bring schools’ VALUES to life in 3D installations
  • Create a bespoke MURAL highlighting a particular theme.
  • Make elaborate characters that get brought to life in a book increasing LITERACY levels.
  • Use art as an active tool to teach elements of the CURRICULUM
  • Facilitate your school’s INSET

We plan all from initial workshop concepts through to the overall finished design and installation.

Please contact us to discuss a particular project.