Our Policies

Keeping Information Current

 Parents and guardians are responsible for providing emergency contact information and any other important information prior to their first workshop at the ARTBASH Studio. Click here to amend contact details.

Booking Process

 For all workshops, with the exception of Camp, booking is made through a booking form here. If there are no spaces available, we will add your child to our waiting list.

Camp Booking Process

 Booking is made through our booking system. If bookings are closed, you can subscribe to our waiting list here. Or contact us here for more information. Although our Camp gets booked up very quickly, there is some movement so don’t lose hope, your child could still get an ARTBASH place on our Camp.

Workshop Withdrawals

We are happy to offer a full refund if the withdrawal is made up to four weeks before start date of workshops to allow us open up the place to another child. If the withdrawal happens less than four weeks before the session starts, we cannot guarantee full refund but will do our best to fill your child’s place to enable us issue either a full or partial refund.


 If your child is going to be absent, you need to let us know in advance or on the day of the workshop. If your child is part of the school collection group, it is really important we know of their absence before midday.

School Collections

If your child is collected from Millfields Community School or Rushmore Primary School, for safeguarding purposes, it is essential that you inform us in advance of their absence. At time of collection, the person dismissing the class is often unaware of a child’s absence and we spend a lot of time trying to locate absent children.

Class Trip — School Collections

If your child is on a trip and returning late to school, unfortunately we are unable to wait any later than 3.45. You will need to make alternative arrangements in order to get your child to ARTBASH. Please do inform us in advance.

Additional Needs and Medical Requirements

Please make sure that all information is filled out on the booking form for any additional needs. It is essential that medication such as inhalers or EpiPens are clearly explained to ARTBASH staff prior to your child attending.

Sickness Policy

ARTBASH is all about sharing creative ideas and not germs. If your child is ill, please keep them home. Equally, if your child is too ill for school, they are too ill for an ARTBASH session.

Food Allergy Information

 We offer snacks of fruit, digestive biscuits, crackers as well as juice or water at all our after school workshops and as a midmorning snack during our Camp. For your child’s safety, it is parents and carers responsibility to keep us informed, at time of booking, of any food allergies or any other allergies that may affect them at ARTBASH.


 We love to get messy at ARTBASH and we love seeing children unleash their inner artist to explore a host of methods. Some paints can cause permanent damage to clothes. We do have protective t-shirts that we encourage ALL children to wear. Please encourage your child to wear them.

Workshop Behaviour

Art is all about creativity, exploration and fun. Our studio is set up to allow for sessions that get the best from each child in a safe manner. If we find that a child is continuously disruptive or unable to engage in our workshops, we may have to consider if ARTBASH is right for them.

We work to a three-tiered policy and acknowledge that children sometimes forget what is appropriate behaviour in the workshops. We remind them and give them the opportunity to put things right.

If disruptive behaviour continues, we will talk to parents/responsible adults to support us in their behaviour at ARTBASH.

If the child continues to behave disruptively, we may ask them to leave.

First Aid

 Our ARTBASH team is first aid trained and have up to date certificates. Our first aid procedure can be read here. In the rare instance of your child being unwell or injured, we will contact parents/responsible adults immediately. Please ensure emergency contact details are up to date.

DBS (Disclosing and Barring Service) check

All our team hold a valid DBS certificate.