is about keeping creative learning alive in schools and outside of schools and focusing on the positive impact art has.

Our mission

is to realise the positive impact art has on the lives of children while also realising the low numbers of children who are exposed to art provision in schools. We want to combat this problem by offering weekly art workshops as well as larger school projects to ensure more children have art in their lives on a regular basis.

Our Values

are deeply entrenched in the idea that regular art making relieves stress, encourages creative thinking, teaches self-discipline and has a whole wealth of mental health benefits. Art holds no boundaries.

Our objectives

are to keep art and creative learning alive in education. In today’s technologically over-saturated society, we believe without art, and exposure to art materials, there will be a detrimental impact on our children’s mental health and wellbeing. Our goal is to focus on children, in the larger community, who are not exposed to art-making and empower them through regular creative exposure and in so doing encourage the cathartic release of physically using materials. This, in turn, enables young people to process ideas, thoughts and express themselves in alternative forms of communication.

WE work with: