Can I pay in instalments?

Yes. Please email Paula or Linda through to set up a plan.

Can I pay with childcare vouchers?

Unfortunately, no. We exempt from OFSTED registration as we offer specialist workshops, therefore, we are unable to be part of the childcare voucher scheme.

Do you offer sibling discount?

Yes. We offer a 5% discount.

Can I only book one day at ARTBASH Camp?

No. ARTBASH is a five day camp where each day informs and develops into the next allowing each participant to create a fluid narrative.

Can I book both weeks of ARTBASH Camp for my child?

Sadly, no. Each four day week is repeated the following week.

Do you take children under five years?

As a rule, no, however, if your child is in reception and turning five soon, we are very happy for them to try it and see if it suits.

I have forgotten to pay my child’s fees. Has their place been lost?

No. We communicate clearly regarding payments. We will send out two reminders by email and if, after the second email, fees remain unpaid you are liable to lose your child’s place.

Please check we have the correct email address. Please note, some of our emails have been known to go into ‘spam.’

How do I book for ARTBASH Camp?

Bookings go live in early May each year and we have a booking form that can be found here.

It is essential you fill out the booking form to book a place. Email booking requests can get lost and for safeguarding purposes, we need full contact details and parental permissions.

Can my child walk home from ARTBASH camp by them self?

Yes. If your child is in Year 5 or above, it is fine for them to walk home but please do let us know in advance that they are doing so.

Do you provide aprons/t-shirts to protect clothing?

Yes. We provide ARTBASH t-shirts but please be aware clothes can still get a little messy.

Can I swap my child to another week of ARTBASH Camp?

Usually no. However, please do get in touch because there can be movement and we may be able to accommodate a swap.